Tips and Tricks

Nail Art

-Use a pointed tweezer for picking up small rhinestones and removing striping tape. You can also use old eyeliner/lipliner pencils to pick small rhinestones.
-Quickly peel off the striping tape/nail vinyls when the polish is still wet to get crisp lines/boundaries.
-Apply rhinestones on the nail paint while it is still wet/tacky, so that the rhinestones stick to the base easily.
-Always clean the cuticles around your nails after the nail art/manicure using an angled brush or a small eyeshadow brush.
-Using acetone (instead of nail polish remover) for cleaning around nails really work wonders.
-You can use bobby pins/toothpicks/round head pins if you don't have dotting tools.
-Always use a good base coat to avoid nails from staining.
-Use a good top coat to give your nails glossy finish.
-Use a quick dry top coat to seal off the design fast.
-Never cut your cuticles,always push them using orange stick.
-Always use a white base for watermarbling, this will make the colors pop more.
-For doing saran wrap, you can also use a thin plastic sheet/bag if you don't have saran wrap/cling film.
-For a concentrated glitter look on nails, sponge the glitter onto nails (the sponge will absorb clear jelly leaving the glitter behind.)

Eye makeup

- Always apply a good eye primer (such as Urban Decays Primer Potion, Too Faced Shadow Insurance, NARS Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base or ELF’s eye lid primer)before applying eyeshadows.
- Always Curl your lashes to give eyes a beautiful appearance.
- Close Set eyes: Emphasize on outer V while doing eye makeup, it will make your eyes balanced.
- Small eyes: Focus on light eyeshadows. Dark eyeshadows make eyes smaller.


- For Oily lids go for gel eyeliners, they are long lasting.
- Set the eyeliner with the same color eye shadow (as the liner) to avoid smudging and for long lasting effect.
- If eyeliner goes wrong, use a small brush dipped in foundation to clean it up.
- If the tip of your pencil eyeliners break off during sharpening, put them into the refrigerator for 5 min and then sharpen.


- For powder eyeshadows, apply a translucent powder under the eyes to prevent the smearing and smudging.
- If you still have any eyeshadow fall out underneath your eyes, apply eye cream in the area and wipe off with a clean wedge sponge. This helps to hydrate the area further while removing fall out.
- Apply a highlighting eyeshadow near the tear duct, it will open your eyes and will make the white of the eyes whiter.
- Line your lower water line with a flesh toned pencil to give eyes a wide awake look.
- Shimmer makes eyes really pop, but it also highlights heavy lids, lines and wrinkles. So if you have wrinkles on your eyelids avoid shimmer.


- Change Mascaras once every 3-4 months.
- Do complete eye makeup before applying Mascara.
- Pick the correct formula for yourself (lengthening, thickening, waterproof or non-clumping).
- Use lash combs. They keep lashes glob-free and perfectly separated.
- Mascara wands (Spoolies) can also be used instead of Lash combs. (Clean the old mascara wands and use them as spoolies).
- Colored Mascaras can be used over the black mascaras to give eyes a pop of color.
- First apply Mascara to the lower lashes and then upper.
- Put a tissue under lower lashes before applying mascara, this will prevent Mascara from smudging under the eyes.
- To curl the lashes, open the curler and clamp lashes near the roots. Hold for 10-30 seconds.
- Never curl lashes after you apply mascara; as the mascara dries, lashes can stick to the curler & be torn from the roots.
- Do not pump the Mascara wand in and out of the tube; this can cause the Mascara to dry out sooner than it should.

False Lashes

- Apply individual false lashes if you are afraid of full false lashes.
- To give a false lash effect to the lower lashes, dot in between individual lashes with a black/brown liquid eyeliner.


- Apply a clear brow gel before applying an eye brow powder; this will make the eye brow powder adhere for long.
- Use short, feathery strokes to fill in your eyebrows with eyepencil.
- Try to use blunt eyeshadow pencil instead of a fresh sharpened one to give a more natural look to the brows. Sharpened pencil can give a more harsh look.
- Fill your brows in the direction of hair growth. This will create the appearance of hair.
- If your eyebrow pencil is too hard, warm the tip up by rubbing it between your fingers.
- After filling the eye brows with an eye brow pencil, run a spoolie brush over the eyebrow to give it a more finished look.
- Pick a eyeshadow/eyepowder/eyepencil color lighter than your brows. It will give a more natural look.
- Use a good tweezer (e.g. Tweezerman), to clean up the hairline in between parlour visits.

Face Makeup

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