Q: When did you start painting your nails?
A: I started five years back during 2011.  First, I started with polka dots and easier designs. After participating in a lot of nailart challenges I started doing freehand. 

Q: How often do you paint your nails?
A: Twice a week. Sometimes, when I am busy I go almost a week without painting them.

Q: How do you shape your nails?
A: I only use nail files and buffers. Nail clippers weakens the nails so I stay way from them. I prefer high grit nail files (the higher the "grit", the finer and softer the file is!) but they take longer to get your desired length. I like to keep my nails shaped square so that my fingers look long :D .

How did you learn how to do your nails?
A: I've taught myself how to do them, with a lot of practice and trial & error. If you look back in my archives, you'll see that I've worked hard to get better over time. I've also gained a lot of knowledge from reading the tips, tricks, and tutorials on other blogs. 

Q:  What tools and paints do you use for nail art?
A:  I do my nail art with nail polishes.  For more detailed nail art I prefer acrylic paints. I use Fevicyrl Hobby ideas set and Daler Rowney Metallic acrylic paints.

Here are the other tools that I use:

Dotting tools : From Born Pretty Store.
Nail Art Brushes.  From Born Pretty Store and from local stores.
 I use pure acetone for cleanup.
Stamping: Rectangular squishy stamper from Moyou and round one from Konad.
Plates from MoYou, Konad and Bundle Monster

Q: What's your nail care routine?
I try to moisturize them as many times as possible. I keep my Burt’s Bee cuticle butter with me.
My favorites are:  Cuticle Butter from Burt’s Bee and Lush Lemony Flutter.
Cuticle Oil: Sally Hansen Vitamin E Cuticle Oil, Go Diva Cuticle Oil and Oriflame Nail food.

 I always use base coat before I paint my nails. My favorite base coats are Duri Rejuvacote (you can find it on ebay) and Orly Bonder. They prevent my nails from chipping and staining.

What top coat do you use?
I will normally say in the post which top coat I’ve used. 
My favourites are Seche Vite and Sally Hansen No Chip.

Q: Where do you buy your polishes?
A: Mostly, I buy online and sometimes I go to local beauty supply stores.

Q: What is your favorite brand of nail polish?
A: Some of my favorite brands are China Glaze, OPI, Essie and Zoya.

What Camera do you use?
A: Since August 2013, all pictures are taken with a Nikon D5100 with 18-55mm lens. I like that it shoots in RAW so I can get more accurate color correction after I take the photos.
Before that, I was using a Sony Cybershot.

Q: How do you take your photos?
A: I use a homemade light box. I use two different lamps to light up my light box. 

Q: What app do you use to create the watermark around your photos?
A: I use Adobe Photoshop to create my watermark.

Q: Will you look at my blog?

A: Yes. If you send me an email, I will certainly take a look at your blog. But please do not leave your blog link in the comment box. I will delete those comments.