Thursday, October 8, 2015

New U Party Poppers Nail Enamel - Review and Swatches

Hey girls, today I am sharing my experience with selected shades of Party Popper range from New U.

Last month, I got few shades for review purpose. I loved them so much that I bought a bunch of them on my own. Apart from party popper range New U has their Mirror Metallic and Everyday range. I tried water marbling with these shades here and here and these are so easy to use.


Coral is a neon coral creme.
Full coverage: Two Coats.


Pixie is a bright yellow creme.
Coverage: Three coats.

French Blue

French Blue is a blue creme which leans towards teal.
Full coverage: Two Coats


Neon is a bright pink creme with blue undertones.
Full Coverage: Three Coats

Carmine Pink

Carmine Pink is a bright pink creme which leans towards orange.
Full Coverage: Three Coats

Green Apple

Green Apple is a bright yellow-ish green. This is my most favorite from the collection.
Full Coverage: Two Coats

Peachy Plum

Peachy Plum is a bright peach creme. My second favorite of the collection.
Full Coverage: Two Coats.

Retail Price: Rs 75 (for 5 ml)

The pros
Pocket friendly price.
Easily Available.
Best cremes (in Indian Market)for water marbling.
Wide color range.

The Cons
Streaky on first coat, second smooths it out.

*Three shades were provided by the company. Honest Opinion.


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