Sunday, March 15, 2015

Nail Matinee Stamping Plate NM03 Review

A few days back I got four beautiful stamping plates and a stamper from Nisha of Nail Matinee. These are the very first stamping plates from India. 
Today, I am reviewing NM03 image plate. 

These rectangular stamping plates comes with a thick pink plastic back and blue plastic shield. 

To use these you have to remove the blue plastic from the plate.

Each image is itched perfectly and transfer without any fuss on the stamper and then on to my nails. This plate has 12 images with size of 2.2 X 1.7 mm.

The images are large enough for my nails (length and width-wise). These are all flower and leaf themed and can be used for various nail art looks. There is also one lace pattern with which I am in love.

I tried the big floral image one on my nails. The manicure details are here.

Nail Matinee image plates are available on Beautometry. Each plate retails for $8.50.

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