Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Neon-ish Triangles With Tutorial

Today I did a simple manicure, a cross between geometric and tribal. 
I used my neon acrylic paint but somehow the camera refused to show it as a neon (the reason behind the blog post name..). 
Some triangles are looking orange while others are looking pink!

Here is a small tutorial to achieve this look:

1. I started with a matte black base on my nails.
2. Using a white acrylic paint, I created three horizontal lines on each nail.

3. Create triangles between each line (as shown) using the same white acrylic paint.
4. Fill the center of the triangles with neon pink shade. (I used an acrylic paint from Faber Castel Neon pink for this).

You can correct any mistakes later, using a black acrylic paint.

For this manicure, I used Maybelline Color Show Blackout as a base. 
The design was freehanded using Fevicryl and Faber Castel acrylic paints.

To seal off the manicure, I used Colorbar Insanely matte mattyfying top coat.

Thanks for stopping by. Stay beautiful...


  1. Your freehanded skills are great! Nice neon triangles.

  2. Lovely tutorial. I am gonna try this one for sure. Thank you for posting it :-)

  3. Oh, wow! This looks great. But I don't think I could freehand those triangels as great as you did. =)

  4. this is totally cool! will try this out when I have the time. thanks for the tutorial
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