Thursday, August 7, 2014

Easy Tribal Nails and Tutorial

Today, I created something I was not at all planning on doing. 
A few days back a reader requested me to do an easy tribal nails tutorial so here it is...

Things You will need

Step by Step Tutorial

1. Start with painting your nails using a base coat. Stick four striping tapes on each nail in the shown manner.
2. Fill green and yellow polishes in the alternate stripes. 
From the free edge start filling like: 
yellow -> green -> yellow -> green -> yellow.
3. Draw thin black stripes on both sides of green stripes using black acrylic paint. You can use a striping brush for this.

4. Draw vertical lines on green stripe using a detailing brush.
Dot the black acrylic paint on the yellow stripe on the free edge.
 Draw a zig-zag pattern on the yellow stripe as shown.

5.Make small triangles on both sides of the zig-zag pattern.

6.Seal off the manicure using a top coat. (I used Oriflame top coat)

You have your Tribal nails ready :)

Thanks for stopping by. Stay beautiful...


  1. thank you for the nice tutorial!
    you always make great manicures, I like them very much!
    regards bigs

  2. Awesome tutorial on these tribal nails! There really nice.

  3. Amazing nail tutorial. Thanks dear :-)
    I love aztec designs. Recently I tried a dashed rose half nail manicure. It turned out to be cool :-)
    Wonderful look dear :)

  4. Beautifully explained sweetheart! I'd love to give this a try!

  5. This is awesome nailart. I will try this idea sometime :)

  6. Great tutorial dear, would love to try it out but I'm not sure I can do it perfectly <3

    1. Thank you Rakhshanda :) I would love to see this on your nails..


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