Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Bunnies

Happy Easter

It's always fun to create cute bunnies and eggs. 
Here are my Easter nails...

For this manicure, I used China Glaze Four Leaf Clover on pointer and ring. On my middle and pinky I used China Glaze turned up Turquoise.

I created decals for the bunnies using MoYou Princess image plate 09 and Bundle Monster image plate BM302. The eggs and the chicken are freehanded.

Shades used

White: Milani White on the Spot
Green: China Glaze Four leaf Clover
Turquoise: China Glaze Turned up Turquoise
Light Green: China Glaze Def Defying
Yellow: China Glaze Happy Go Lucky
Lilac: Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac
Pink: Essie Nice is Nice
Black: Black acrylic paint

Thanks for stopping by. Stay beautiful...


  1. What amazing looking Easter bunnies! Happy Easter!

  2. I can never do decals. ..seems so tough . You did a wonderful job

    1. Thank you Anita :) Decals are always fun to create..

  3. These are the cutest bunnies ever! Great job :)

  4. cute! Love the design and the colors used. Its nicely and neatly done. Love it!

    1. Thank you Ana :) I'm glad you liked it..


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