Friday, January 10, 2014

Anne French Tender Care

Every girl dreams of soft smooth skin that is free of unwanted hair. And when party season is ON, no one wants to spend hours in a parlor.  For me, I cannot afford to sit for hours for my waxing sessions in this winter season! I like to keep something handy for it.

I am talking about legacy brand Anne French Hair Removing Cream. Anne French Tender Care is a convenience kit with Skin polishing sponge and Easy-On applicator.

Product description

Anne French tender care is a gentle depilatory cream with the goodness of real Shea butter and Aloe Vera known for their skin benefits. This gentle formulation will make your skin up to 3 times softer after depilation. What’s more, it is so safe that it can be even used on the tender skin of a 14 year old girl. The fresh and soothing aroma of green tea will uplift your senses to make it a memorable experience.



It comes in a squeezy tube with a slant tip applicator and skin polishing sponge.

How to use

- Remove the cap and the seal, put the easy applicator on, squeeze the tube and spread the cream on desired area using the applicator. Leave for 3-7 minutes and wipe off using skin polishing sponge.

I liked the easy-on-applicator with the slant tip. It glides on easily and cream spreads out evenly. I kept the cream for 4 minutes and after that I removed the cream using the sponge. Sponge removes the entire cream and dissolved hair residue quickly.

*  Keep on washing it in between the swipes. The sponge is really easy to clean.

Extremely convenient to use, comes in a squeeze tube.
Handy during emergency situations.
Do not dry out skin as it has Shea Butter & Aloe Vera.
Dermatologic ally tested.
Whole process takes about 5-10 minutes.
Easy-on applicator is much better as compared to a spatula.
This has a mild fragrance
Budget Friendly.

Easily available.


Retail Price
Rs 60 (for 45 gm)

Do make sure that you don’t use this cream on any injured, cut or burnt skin.
The cream hasn’t irritated my sensitive skin in any way. Though, I will suggest a patch test on inner side of your arm before using this.

Final Thoughts
I am impressed with the improved version. It is handy and convenient. I love that this has a mild scent unlike other depilatory creams. If you find waxing very painful, then this is for you!

* The only downside of hair remover creams is that hair starts growing back after 3-4 days only, because unlike threading or waxing creams don’t remove hair from the roots.

**Product sent for review. Honest opinion.


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