Friday, December 20, 2013


I know that's a crazy title, but trust me after reading the story behind it, you will say that it's PERFECT :) Today, I decided to do a lot of stamping and the result is in front of you. But, when I started taking pictures my camera played crazy tricks and all the pictures were blurry. Somehow, after taking almost forty pics I took a few pics which are somewhat clear. So, with the purple manicure and my perplexed brain, there this post has the perfect title.

For this manicure, I used Milani Wild Violet as a base on my nails. I layered Jessy's Girl Confetti over it.  It is the prettiest combination of blue and purple string glitter.

 Here's the closeup (you can see the tiny blue string glitter)

The image is from Bundle Monster image plate BM321. I topped off my nails with Jessica's holographic top coat.

The matte look (used Colorbar Mattyfying top coat)

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