Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Lenovo Yoga tablet: A Betterway is here

I got a real nice laptop during my MBA, a laptop with wide screen and lot of good features. Problem occurred when I had to carry the big bulky thing with me around  my huge college campus and much bigger problem occurred with battery; it used to die after 1 hour of use every time. 

After MBA, I thought to get a tablet for myself many times. A tablet of my dreams should be the one with long battery life, fast processor, smooth touch experience, compact design and easy to carry around.
I went to the nearest Lenovo showroom to get an idea about tabs.

Yoga Tablet, a groundbreaking convertible tablet with three different usage modes.

The aluminum and chrome-painted design looks polished, and it feels sturdy. 

 "Yoga Tablet's battery cylinder and kickstand provide a more natural angle for touching and typing. Now, no matter where you are sitting, everything on the screen looks, feels, and responds better than ever."

"The shape and placement of the battery cylinder makes this lightweight table teasier to grip and better for one-hand use. Its ergonomic design shifts the center of gravity to make it more comfortable for your wrist."

 "With 2x the battery life of most other tablets, Yoga Tablet delivers up to 18 hours of energy to do more, view more, and play more. From early in the morning, until long past midnight—this battery keeps going. In fact, when other devices run down you can use this tablet to recharge all your stuff on the go."

 "Instantly transform the Yoga Tablet into a productivity machine with our smart Bluetooth keyboard, which also works as a magnetized cover to protect the device." 

  • Sturdy, light weight design.
  • Battery Life: upto 18 hours.
  • 3 different positions: Hold, stand, tilt; thanks to the built-in kickstand.
  • Light Weight: starting at 1.3 lbs.
  • Integrated microphone with noise reduction.
  • Integrated front facing stereo speakers with Dolby Digital Plus for improved clarity and sound performance.
  • Micro USB, audio jack ports.
  • Camera: Front 1.6M, rear 5.0M.
  • Bluetooth: Version 4.0.
  • Processor: MTK 8125 Quad-core ARM cortex-A7.
  • Operating System: Android 4.2
  • Display: 10.1” LCD IPS Multi-touch 1280x800.
  • The cylindrical bottom makes for a comfortable grip. 
This is especially useful for watching movies or for following a recipe in the kitchen. I can talk to my mom while cooking and discuss the recipe with her. 
As a blogger, I can read my daily dose of blog posts, check my emails and even check out the new nail art videos while travelling in a metro train. A smart phone can also do that but it cannot provide the ease and feel of a tablet. 

I am an avid reader and this tablet gives me an easy option to read my favorite books while travelling or while I am lying in my bed, just before going to sleep.

A huge relief with this tablet is that I don't have to run with the plug in my hand during between the movie. Yes, many times I have faced such a situation :(

  Yoga tablet is affordable and fulfills the entire requirements to be my dream tablet. It is on my Christmas wishlist for sure :)

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