Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Best of Precious Pearl Makeup 2013

Hi everyone! 
I had a fantastic year with lots of nail art, new polishes, beauty products and a few stamping plates.
This year my blog has seen a lot of ups and a few downs as well. 
Today, I am sharing some nail arts to sum up this year.  

 Here are the few highlights of the blog and a few manicures which stood out...

January 2013
A mixed bag manicure with some water marbling and saran wrap. 
A post on Colorbar's Pro Nail Lacquer Peach Rose made it to the company's Facebook page. 

February 2013
Posted a series of Valentine's day manicures; my favorite being the Valentine's Day Manicure.

 The Neon Water spotted Tutorial got the highest hits and I started doing more nail art tutorials on the blog. 

March 2013
This month I did a colorful nail art series for the Holi festival; my favorite is the Mosaic Manicure

April 2013
I got my DSLR Nikon5100 and I started taking clear pictures and macro shots of my nail art. My favorite from this month is the Earth Day Manicure.

May 2013
From this month, my favorites are the blobbed manicure 

and the Gatsby Inspired nails. Couldn't pick just one...

June 2013
I made my first franken "Greenie Apple" and wore it proudly :D

My favorite manicure from this month has to be the Father's Day manicure

July 2013
This month, I got into Neon mode and played with a lot of neons. My favorites from this month are the Neon Watercolor nails

August 2013
My favorite from this month is Red and Checkered

September 2013
September brought a big around to the blog. 
I participated in the Chalkboard Nails #33DC and posted a new nail art every day. This gave me a lot of confidence to do free hand nail art.

My favorites from this month are the Tribal Print Nails 

and Nails inspired by a song (I did the Katy Perry's Firework inspired nails). 

October 2013 
 October was the high rise. 
I started doing the Indian Lacquer Lovers Challenge along with the #33DC.
I made my own light box and got new lights, which improved the quality of pictures on the blog.

My favorites from this month are the Artwork inspired nails

After successfully completing the #33DC, I participated in a new challenge from The Crumpet #31DC.

My nail art based on a pattern in the home got special mention on the Nailinspiration's tumblr.

November 2013 
This month my Nautical nail art scored a place in the top four of So Nailicious Sally Hansen contest.

My favorite from this month has to be the Thanksgiving nails which I created freehanded.

December 2013 
Completed the #31DC successfully and opted for one more challenge by The Crumpet #TheChristmasWinterChallenge. 
Yesterday, I completed this challenge as well. 
My Christmas Tradition nails got featured in the Best 25 manicures for Christmas by So Nailicious. 

One of my other favorite is the White Christmas nails I created. 

I received a lot of appreciation for my nail art this year and I accomplished a few goals. I hope to sustain that in the coming new year.

Thank you everyone for your love and support. I hope this new year bring a lot of happiness and joy in everyone's life :)

Happy New Year 


  1. Loved each and every one of them! Wishing you all the best for 2014 <3 Happy New Year :)

  2. Loved each one .. specially nautical nail art !

  3. Those were some awesome manicures this year!

  4. Very very creative girl! So pretty .. :)

  5. omigoshhhh!!! i cant even choose my favorite! all the manis are that pretty! <3

  6. Drooling ;) .. What Awesome Compilation - Speechless to be honest ! <3
    I loved each and every bit of it <3 :*

  7. I loved all of them! I don't think I can choose one at all...You're so so very Creative Pearl! :)

    1. Thank you Richa :) I am glad you feel that way...

  8. Allllllllllllllllll of them are treat to watch and look for hrssssssssssssssssss :) parul a biggg cyber hug to you honey :D
    i cant pick one :( :(

    1. Thank you Sweetie :) I am glad you liked them...


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