Thursday, October 31, 2013

KKCenterHK Butterfly Flower Water Decals

Hey everyone, today I am reviewing some pretty Butterfly Flower water decals  I received from the KKcenterHK. These water decals are very easy to apply and look quite stunning on the nails in just a few minutes.

These water decals came in a little blue ziplock bag containing 1 sheet of decals (24 on the sheet). These decals did not come with instructions, nor do they have instructions on their website. So, I have the following steps to make the application easier.

How to use these water decals
  • Paint your nails with a basecoat and allow to dry it till it becomes tacky. 
  • Cut the design and dip it in water for 30 seconds. The backing paper will slide off. 
  • Use tweezers to place the decal on the nail, pat it down slightly to make sure that they are placed firmly on the nail.
  • Add a top coat.

The lilac shade is lacey lilac from Sally Hansen. The nude shade is Ballet Slippers from Essie. I sponged Sally Hansen Strobe Light on my pointer & pinky and then dotted lacey lilac using a small dotting tool.

Very easy to work with.
Numerous designs available.
A single sheet of decals can be used many times. 

These decals are not sticky. 
Seche vite shrinks these.

*I won't say it pricey as you can do many manicures using these.

You can find these decals hereThese water decals cost $5.75 plus shipping. But you can use my coupon code "preciouspearlmakeup" to get 10% off on any order. 

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