Thursday, October 17, 2013

Budget Buy: VOV Polishes

Last month when I was at my mom's place, I found these beauties in the local market. VOV polishes are the cheapest polishes with decent formula in Indian market. I picked up a few shades to show you. VOV has a mixture of metallic and creme shades. 

07 Royal Rajah Ruby

- purple with golden shimmer
-decent formula with no streaks and patches
-two coater; dries quickly

with flash (notice the beautiful golden shimmer)

 09 Houston we have a Purple

-lilac with iridescence
-streaky formula (can be covered with top coat)
- two coater; dries quickly

14 Original 

-bronze with gold shimmer, metallic finish
-streaky formula
-dries slowly; two coater

16 Prime of Paris

-Maroon with metallic finish
-streaky formula (can be covered with top coat)
-one coater; dries slowly
-good for stamping

18 Flirty Red

-Red leans towards brown; golden shimmer
-Smooth formula
-One coater; dries quickly
-Good for stamping

164 Go on blues

-blue creme
-streaky formula (can be covered with top coat)
-two coater; dries slowly
-works for watermarbling

224 Blue Ivy

-navy blue creme
-streaky formula
-two coater; dries slowly
-works for watermarbling

Retail price: Rs 25 (for 4ml)

"The dark metallic shades works really well for stamping. The cremes work well for watermarbling. These polishes are great budget buy if you are a starter in nail art."

Thanks for stopping by. Stay beautiful...


  1. Wow all the shades are awesome. Loved them!

  2. Loved all the shades specially royal rajah ruby & blue ivy

    1. I too love Royal Rajah Ruby...really gorgeous!

  3. Replies
    1. They really are lovely for such affordable price...

  4. Loving all the shades!!! all shades enhanced your hands beautifully:)

  5. OMG OMG awesome shades I am gonna pick some soon I already have some shades too <3 Lovely Pearl

    1. Thank you Radha :) You should pick the dark shades, they are really good for stamping.


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