Wednesday, October 2, 2013

#31DC2013 Day 29: Inspired by the Supernatural

Today's nail art theme is Supernatural. I was so confused what to make for this theme. Then I ran to Google and searched for supernatural creatures. The most colorful and beautiful creature that attracted my nail art eyes is Unicorn. Remember "It's so fluffy, I am gonna die". Yeah I too love Unicorns, not the way Agnes did, but still. So I present you my Unicorn nails...

I found this Rainbow unicorn on Google. Mine is completely different but hey, it is colorful too :D

For this manicure, I used my Daler Rowney acrylic paints. I created the Unicorn's face with a small detailing brush.

I know the Unicorn is looking more like a donkey, but I can pass it, as I created a free-handed animal for the very first time ;)

Thanks for stopping by. Stay beautiful...


  1. grgs..sooo colourful pearl...loved it

    my recent one :

  2. I can see unicorn on ur nails Pearl. Very pretty!

    1. Thanks Megha :) ha ha I can see a donkey with colorful hair :(


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