Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Drip Manicure tutorial

Hey everyone, today I am sharing a tutorial here. I did this Drip manicure for a challenge I am taking part in. Here is an easy way to achieve this look...

You will need
  • Two shades: A base color and a bright shade for the drip (I used Alix Avien Pastel Yellow and Essence Blue addicted).
  • A small detailing brush.
  • Black acrylic paint (I used Daler Rowney's black paint).
  • Acetone/Nail polish remover for cleaning.
  • Top Coat (I used Seche Vite Top coat)

1. Start by painting a base color on the nails. 
2. Once the base color is completely dry, use a small detailing brush and draw the drip shape. 

3. Fill the drip shape carefully with a different shade, using a small dotting tool.
4. Use a good top coat to finish the manicure.

You have your drip manicure ready.

Thanks for stopping by. Stay beautiful... 


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