Friday, August 2, 2013

Colorful Skittlette and Tutorial

Hey everyone, today I am sharing a manicure I did yesterday. I wanted to use some beautiful brights from China Glaze. I came up with this Colorful Skittlette:

Shades used:
Purple: China glaze Creative Fantasy
Green: China glaze Turnd up Turquoise
Pink: China Glaze Beach Cruise-r
White: Pure Ice Super Star

Here is a tutorial to create this look:

  1. Start with white base on the nail and let it completely dry. Once it dries, use two nail art tape pieces and layer them horizontally at an equal distance.
  2. Use two more pieces to create a triangle; keep the angle towards cuticle side.
  3. Create a cross pattern using two more nail art tape pieces. Just make sure that the triangles are clean.
  4. Fill the spaces with different shades of polish.
  5. Carefully pull out the nail art tape using a tweezer before the nail paint dries.
  6. Correct the mistakes (if any), with a nail art brush. Clean the cuticles with acetone and use a top coat to finish the design. 
Things to remember:
  • Start the manicure when the base paint it completely dry. You can use Seche Vite Quick Dry Top Coat to OPI drip dry to make the process quick.
  • Cut the nail art tape pieces beforehand.
  • Make sure the nail art tape pieces are long enough, so they can be easily pulled out later.
  • Use a tweezer to place or pull out the tape.
  • Remove the tape before the nail paint goes thready.
Finally, I used Bundle Monster black nail studs to complete the look. 

Hope you like the manicure. Thanks for reading...


  1. Awesome skittle manicure! Really fun :)

  2. Nice tutorial, I love your pink nail color.

    1. Thanks :) yeah, that neon pink from China Glaze is beautiful.

  3. They look very pretty :)
    very neatly explained tutorial :)

  4. Great nail art!! I have stripping tapes, I will give it a try! <3

    1. Thanks Niesha :) share the pics as well. You have beautiful nails and this skittlette will look lovely on your nails.

  5. Super cool nail art Pearl♥♥♥


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