Sunday, August 25, 2013

Colorbar Quick Finish Nail Lacquer Bubbly

Hey Everyone, today I am sharing another beautiful polish from Colorbar. 

Pink is my favorite color (along with Purple). I try to pick up one bottle of every pink polish available in the market and guess what, hardly two shades of pink are the same! As a result, now I have every possible shade of pink in my stash.

Bubbly is a beautiful pink creme. This is a very common shade of pink.

It has a creme formula. It goes smooth without being streaky or patchy. It gives opacity in three coats and dries quickly.

Wear Time

It wore for two day without any chipping or tip wear. On the third day, it chipped. 

  • Beautiful Shade. 
  • Budget Friendly. 
  • Works well for watermarbling.
  • Stain Nails. 
  • Less staying power.

Retail Price: Rs 175 (for 9ml)

I started the manicure with Bubbly as a base on all my nails. I used the polish brushes (brushes in the bottle itself) to make the clouds.

I started with Colorbar Blue Web first and created the blue clouds on all the nails one at a time. Then I followed the same pattern with China Glaze Happy Go Lucky (yellow creme) and Colorbar Twisted Peach (orange creme).

Thanks for stopping by. Stay beautiful...


  1. These are perfect! Its super fun :)

    1. yeah the mani was fun! I love how colorful it is..

  2. Replies
    1. yeah it is colorful and perfect for summer :)

  3. wow! your nail art has turned out to be precise...And Gorgeous colors used! :)

  4. wow..soo pretty n grgs <3

    my recent one :


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