Saturday, July 13, 2013

Manhattan Go Big Eyeshadow Pen in Golden Mauve

Hey everyone, today I am sharing my views about an eyeshadow pen from Lady Manhattan cosmetics. This is claimed as a 2 in 1 product which can be used as an eyeshadow or an eyeliner. 

Golden Mauve is a beautiful mauve cream with lot of golden shimmer. As the shade is very light it shows only with a good eyeshadow base.

According to the website:

The creamy dreamy 2 in 1 pencil can be used as an eyeshadow for a shimmering eye makeup look or as an eyeliner for perfectly contoured eyes.

It is very creamy and soft. It goes on without pulling or tugging the skin. The product is pigmented but too light in shade for Indian skin tone.


This eyeshaow pen comes in a pencil form with a transparent plastic cap on the top. The pencil needs sharpening from time to time.

This is how it looks on my eyes:

You can see the shade goes on very light even on an eyeshadow base.

Beautiful Shade.
Useful for a quick look.
Formula is creamy and soft.
Can be used as a highlighter as well.

Too thick to be used as an eyeliner.
Less Staying Power.
Needs Sharpening.

Retail Price: £4.99

This product is good as a brow or cheek highlighter but I would not prefer it wearing as an eyeshadow.

Thanks for stopping by. Stay beautiful...


  1. i want dis :D frm where did u get..its sooooo pweety.. n u have lovely eyes <3

    1. I got this from a friend in Australia. Thanks Riya :)

  2. Such a pretty pink eyeshadow color! I like it :)

    1. yeah it is beautiful, but too light for my choice.

  3. Really very pretty color and your eyes dear.:)

  4. Wow very pretty eotd. Loved it Pearl♥

  5. Wow lovely eye shadow and ETOD Pearl :)


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