Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Neon Triangles

Hey everyone, today I am sharing a neon manicure. Summer is the best time to try neons so these days I am thinking about doing more neon manicures. Neons are always fun :)

I made the triangles using the nail art striping tape. To show the bright neons I used white as a base.

Shades used:

White: Pure Ice super Star
Green: Colorbar Lime Margarita
Orange: Colorbar Tangerine Mojito

I used a few more neon shades to add to the beauty...

I made a braid on the middle and ring finger. On the pointer and pinky I added a few more triangles.

Shades added:
Peach: China Glaze Flipflop Fantasy
Pink: Colorbar Pink Lady

Hope you like the manicure. Thanks for reading.


  1. so pretty n neat <3 i always mess up while pulling out d tape :P

    1. Thanks Riya :) I am glad you liked it...

  2. Wow so pretty...I love color bar neons...:)

  3. This is so pretty! I love the look of neon colors over white~

    1. Thank Nancy. I'm glad you liked the nail art :)


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