Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Lootera Inspired Nails

Hey everyone, today I am sharing another movie inspired nail art. This nail art is inspired by Bollywood movie Lootera. Though I am not interested in period films but the movie promos are looking interesting.

For this manicure I used Pure Ice Super Star as my base. On the pointer finger, I stamped flowers using Bundle Monster image plate BM06 using Milani Signature Gold and Barry M gold foil. This is inspired by Sonakshi's golden-copper Saree print.

On the middle finger I created a braid using Milani Signature Gold, Pure Ice Super star and Barry M gold foil

On the ring finger, I have used Mustche by Fake Tattoos. This is inspired by Ranveer's Mustache look  :D 

On the pinky, I have used Essie Fishnet Stocking (red creme), Milani Signature Gold and Barry M gold foil. This nail was inspired by Sonakshi's copper-gold Saree border and her red bindi.

Thanks for stopping by. Stay beautiful...


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