Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day Nails

Happy Father's Day everyone! Today, I decided to do my nails in a way which my dad will specially appreciate. Though he appreciates all my nail arts but this one is dedicated to him! I love him so much... 

His favourite color is blue so I picked different blue shades with four different finishes: Holo, Textured, Creme and Metallic. 

The shades are:
Pointer: Milani Cyberspace
Middle: Barry M Atlantic Road
Ring: China Glaze Hanging in the balance
Pinky: Essie Aruba Blue

I added a hat, a tie, specs and a pen using a nail art brush with my freehand. (I didn't want to go for the mustache again, so I opted for a pen. I know its looking more like a walking stick..but what to do? It's my freehand :D)

Then, I made a red heart with Essie Fishnet Stockings using a dotting tool. Then I wrote "DAD" with a small detailing brush using Pure Ice super star :)

Hope you like the manicure. Thanks for reading...


  1. Super cute for Father's day :)

  2. I just love that your dad is so supportive of you and your nail endeavors :) Mine is, too, always interested in what's going on with the blog and wanting me to make money off it, lol... that's the realtor in him, though ;) We are truly blessed to have such awesome dads :)

  3. Nail is so damn pretty.. liked the ring finger one the most.. :)


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