Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Seche Base Ridge Filling Base Coat

Hey everyone, its Wednesday and the weekend is so far! I just wish the weekend should come every three days :D 

This week I am experimenting with a new base coat. I keep on trying different base coats as they are the most basic necessity for a perfect manicure. Sometimes the experiment give positive results and sometimes not so good.

Today, I am sharing my experience with Seche Ridge Filling Base Coat.

According to the website:
Seche Base contains micro-fine crystals and natural clays to fill in ridges leaving nails with a glass-smooth appearance. These natural ingredients are suspended in powerful bonding agents grip your nail color and are just viscous enough to make Seche Base easy to apply.

Seche Ridge filling base coat is a sheer pearly base coat. Ridges are the bumpy lines that appear on the nails due to a lot of reasons: stress, poor diet etc. I never had any ridge issues with my finger nails but my toe nails do have some ridges. 

I used this on my toe nails and it just filled the ridges reasonably but didn't help with the staying power of the manicure. When I used this on my finger nails I hated it. 

This has a sheer shimmery formula. It goes on smooth without any streaks and patches. It dries very slowly.

  • It provides a smooth base for nail polish application.
  • It hides the yellowing and other nail irregularities.
  • It provides a good base for lighter polish shades.
  • It fills the ridges reasonably.
  • The pearly base can alter the look of creme/non shimmery polish shades.
  • It dries very very slowly.
  • Chips the manicure with in a day or two.
Retail price: $7 (for 15ml)

I will not buy this base coat again as it does help in any way.

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  1. Nice review! Never tried this base coat before but it was really informative reading your review so thank you!


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