Saturday, May 25, 2013

Born Pretty Store Stud Rhinestones

Stud Rhinestones are something which can make a boring manicure edgy and interesting. I got some of these for myself from Born pretty Store

The Born pretty Store Stud Rhinestone wheel contains a variety of shapes: Round, elliptical, hollow, square, star and hearts. They have two shades: golden and silver. There are small black round ones as well.

I was over the moon when I got my hands on these. 

How to use it: 
  • These are really easy to use. Just place them on the nail polish/top coat when it is a a bit sticky/tacky. (I used an orange cuticle stick with clear polish on the tip to pick these up.)
  • A top coat can also be used on these to give them additional firmness on the nails and it will make them last longer.
  • These can be reused if cleaned properly.

I love the round ones the most. They are most versatile and just perfect for my small nails. They can be used on any kind of manicure. I have used them in one more manicure.

Here, I have used the elliptical and round ones. The base coat is Essie Wrapped in Rubies. On the ring finger, I have used Barry M effects gold foil. I dotted it with Wrapped in Rubies. Brown and gold are a perfect combination on nails.

You can find these Stud Rhinestones on Born Pretty Store's Website here. They offer worldwide free shipping too :) You can also score other nail art stuff for 10% off with coupon code PECW10.

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