Thursday, May 30, 2013


Hey Everyone, I know what are you gals thinking...blobbed?? what kind of post title is that? Let me explain. When my extra creative mind kicks in, I create fun manicures :) 

I did a neon manicure yesterday and everyone liked it. All it was little blobs of neon shades on two of my nails. So today, I thought to extend the same idea of manicure. 

After putting the color blobs I blew on them from the cuticle side (towards the free edge of the nail) and the colors themselves spread across the nail in random patterns.

I started with white base (Colorbar Exclusive 37) and then randomly placed small blobs (drops) of Colorbar Beautiful Pink and Lemon Drop and blew on the color blobs to create the pattern. 

After the colors dried, I layered Lynnderella yesno stopgo on my pointer, middle and pinky. On my ring finger I layered Lacqerlicious Stained Glass.

Hope you liked the manicure :) Thanks for reading...


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