Monday, April 15, 2013

Triangles in Triangles??

I am good at making flower and petals on paper but when it come to nails it is even tough to make small triangles. At such places, nail art tape comes to rescue. You apply it in a pattern, apply the nail polish, peel the tape and you are good to go with a beautiful pattern on your nails.

Continuing with the Chevron - geometric shape nail art posts, today I have another simple tape manicure. 

This nail art is super easy to create and I love the combination of green with turquoise.

I used Sinful colors Innocent on my pointer and ring finger. On my middle and pinky I used Colorbar Turquoise. Then with the help of a nail art striping tape I created small triangles on the edges of the nails.

I added a few more triangles with in triangles. For completing the look, I dotted the nails with a dotting tool.

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