Monday, March 4, 2013

Geometric Shapes: Triangles

I use to hate geometry as a kid (I hate to find out angles in boring!) but I love the geometric shapes...

A lot of nail art challenges are going on on various blogs. The challenge I am most attracted to is the one with Geometric shapes. I am new to trying geometric shapes on nails so I thought to give it a try...

Thought these are not perfect triangles but something very similar to them.
I used Maybelline Fuchsia Fever and Pure Ice superstar for the triangles. Milani Black Magic is used to create the stripes around the triangles. I used a stripper brush to create the stripes. Nail art tape is used to create the triangles.

I liked this look on my nails, so hopefully I will try out more geometric shapes on my nails now.

Have you ever tried any geometric shapes on your nails?

Thanks for reading...


  1. Looks lovely!!! you should do a tutorial on your nail arts and especially this one :)

    1. Thanks Sudhaa :) Sure..will post it soon.


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