Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Manicure: Ruffles with Pastels

Happy Easter Everyone. I created a Pastel look for Easter.

Every other company is launching Pastels in their spring collection. I too decided to dip my nails into a pool of pastels. Ruffles with Pastels...

I used Sally Hansen Pastels for this look. On the pointer I used Lacey Lilac which is a lovely lilac creme, on middle I used Blue Away which is a blue creme and on the pinky I used Mint sorbet which is a mint green creme.

Pure Ice super star is used on the ring finger. Then I dotted every color on it to make a multicolored ruffle.

I used a big dotting tool to create the ruffles.

Thanks for reading...


  1. i love love love the ruffles design and lilac is the most beautiful shade!

    1. Thanks Sukanya :) I too enjoy ruffles on nails with Lilac...


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