Monday, March 11, 2013

Adventures in Water Marbling: Pink

Today I was in a mood to do something different from regular Skittles and swatches, something fun. So, I tried my hands on water marbling again! 

This time I tried to keep the flower petal design to the corner of every nail and succeeded with three.

For this manicure I used Colorbar nail lacquers in Pink Lady (neon pink creme), Plum Grenadine (neon plum creme), Fuchsia Fix (fuchsia creme) and Exclusive 37 (white creme).

I picked these colors as they are pretty sheer. I love how the petals on the  ring finger turned out, sheer yet beautiful. I dotted the corner of the nail with Plum Grenadine with a dotting tool.

Lesson Learned: It is important to paint the nails with a base color while using the sheer polishes. I base colored three fingers with Exclusive 37 and left the ring finger. The colors on the three fingers (with base color) are more opaque as compared to the ring finger. Next time, I will be base coloring all the nails.

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