Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Water Spotted Nails Tutorial

You will need:

  • A few Neon nail colors (I used 4 in this tutorial: Colorbar Pina Colada, Pink Lady & Plum Grenadine and China Glaze Flip flop fantasy).
  • A white nail color for the base (I used Pure Ice Super star).
  • A nail color for spotting (I used Essie Aruba blue).
  • A cup filtered water at room temperature.
  • An old perfume (I used an old Archie's perfume).
  • Acetone/Nail polish remover for cleaning.
  • Tape and Scissors.
  • Top Coat (I used NOPI Top coat)

1. Start by painting a base color on the nails. 
2. Randomly paint the neon colors on the nails. Apply tape around the nails in order to avoid the mess.
3. Take a cup filtered water.
4. Add a few drops of blue color on the water. Keep on adding the color to the water till you get the required intensity.

5. Spray the nail polish layer with the perfume. Keep the perfume nozzle a bit far while doing this, so that the perfume droplets will fall slowly on the layer.
6. Dip the thumb/finger nail at an angle in the spotted nail polish layer. Carefully clean the extra nail polish from the water around the dipped finger nail.
7. Slowly take the finger out of the water. Remove the tape carefully and clean the polish around the nail.
8. Top coat it and you have your water spotted Neon nails!

I would love to see if you give this manicure a try! You can easily share with me by email or on my facebook page.

Thanks for reading...


  1. I need to do this soon... thanks for the tutorial :)

  2. i never realized it's so easy or did you make it sound simple :) :p
    v well xplained dear
    thanks will try out

    1. Thanks hun :) I tried my best.. Do share it!

  3. Wow great tutorial ....I also did this almost the same.way...:)

  4. I knew this worked with hand sanitzer spray but I didn't know about the perfume. Haven't tried this method yet. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. I didn't even knew it so I tried different sprays to get the effect. On your beautiful nails this would look lovely :)


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