Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Spicing up

"Spicing up" Whaaa t? Yeah, I kind of like the title for my today's post.

Yesterday's manicure was perfect for office wear so it was a bit boring. I turned it up into a more spiced up manicure.

I used Essie Fishnet Stocking on the pointer finger and layered it with Sally Hansen Saloon Manicure Hidden Treasure. 

On the ring finger I used Street Wear Gold Spark and stamped it with Essie Fishnet Stocking, using Konad S6 stamping plate. I added a few dots on the middle and pinky using Street Wear Gold Spark.

I added random dots using Essie Fishnet Stockings on the ring finger. I made a small flower on the pointer using Street Wear Gold spark.

Hope you have enjoyed the SPICED UP look :)

Thanks for reading...


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