Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Today is the most special day for people in love. Today is the final day of my Valentine Week series :) I am excited as I challenged myself for doing new manicures each day, for the whole week (which I thought I can never do) and I successfully completed it. 

Here's my Valentine's Day Manicure…

The middle finger and pinky have OPI Dim sum plum and Pure Ice superstar. Dim sum plum is a lovely plum crème polish. On the ring finger I have Sally Hansen Celeb city along with Dim sum plum and the decals from Kiss USA.

I did a saran wrap for the pointer finger with Pure Ice superstar as a base and Milani Holos Digital and Hi-Res above it. I created a ruffled heart on it with OPI Dim sum plum, Pure Ice superstar and ChG flip flop fantasy. The white and pink beads are from Ranara.

Happy Valentine’s Day…


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