Saturday, January 26, 2013

A mixed bag..

Today I tried something new.. a mix of some different styles. Water marbling, dotting and saran wrap in one. 

Water marbling is not my kind of manicure because it takes a lot of patience and nail polish as well. But still I am trying my hands on it... 

The more I do saran wrap/ plastic wrap manicure, the more I fell in love with the cool effect it gives to the nails. [Thanks Marta (Chitchat nails) for being such an inspiration to me].

Love the marbled effect.

For white I used Pure Ice "Superstar", For mauve Colorbar's "Dazzling mauve" , For Pinks Colorbar's "Beautiful pink"  and "Bubbly".

Hope you also like my manicure...

If you love it you can Vote for me in the competition here... 

My entry is No. #24 :)


  1. wow love it :D..I am such a dud at marbling and saran wrap #fail :(

    1. Thanks Pooja :) I am glad you liked it. I get lucky with water marbling a few times ;)


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