Monday, December 3, 2012

Orly Bonder

This month, I am testing a new base coat. "Bonder" from Orly. When I ran out of Seche Vite base coat I decided to try a new one. I was pretty skeptical before buying this. The "rubberized" claim enticed me so I bought it.

Orly Claims:
A unique rubberized base coat, grips lacquer to the nail surface for extra adhesion.
Orly Bonder Basecoat features an advanced formula that provides the foundation for longer-lasting color. A unique rubberized basecoat, grips lacquer to the nail surface for lasting adhesion. Prevents nail lacquer from wearing off for up to two weeks.

To me this one was worth the investment considering my nails chip pretty easily and no manicure lasts for more than 2 days. So as compared to the other base coats, the polishes adhere well to this. The only problem I have is that my nails get stained when I use this.


Bonder comes in a orangish-yellow color. This gives a rubbery layer on the nails. Application is smooth and it dries quickly.


I love the pretty frosted glass bottle with the rubberized cap.
[Clean the threads on the bottle after every use, as the product can make the threads sticky.]

Wear Time:

Orly claims that manicures will last up to two weeks but I didn’t find this working for that long. My manicure lasts for 5 days without chipping and a very little wear. This base coat works best with higher end polishes.

[The chipping depends on the nail polish & top coat you use and the daily chores you do.]


-Polish Lasts long
-Keeps nail protected from chipping
-Free of DBP, Formaldehyde and toluene
-Cruelty free


-Stain nails
-Becomes streaky as the product runs out
-Do not prevent nails from polish stains

Retail Price
 $7 (for 18ml)

Will I repurchase: Yes

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