Sunday, November 25, 2012

Smashbox Eyebeam Double Ended Brightner

Hey everyone, today I am sharing a Brightener from Smashbox. This is a double ended chubby brightner pencil for eyes from Smashbox.

Eye Beam is a nice product to have. It helps me look well-rested, even when I am not. The color is brightening without being harsh like white liners can be. It is subtle but it makes my tired eyes look much more awake and brighter.  

It's my new go-to for minimal-makeup days. The thing I love about it is that it can be used on the go. You can use just this to line your inner lids and high light the inner corner of your eyes, throw a little mascara on, and you are good to go. I love to keep this in my makeup bag for touch ups. This pencil perks up the eye area quickly, with a minimal effort.

I love this product in the corners of my eyes, on my cupid's bow and on my cheek bones as well.

The color is flattering. The highlighter side is champagne in color with a subtle iridescence to it while the other side is flesh toned color. The sheen in the highlighter makes it subtle and more natural.

According to the Website:
What it is: A double-ended pencil that highlights and brightens the eyes in one quick step.

Use the side labeled “highlight” at the inside corners of the eyes and beneath the brow to make eyes appear bigger and wider. Use the side labeled “rim” on the lower inner rim of eyes to make the whites of the eyes pop.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:- Parabens

What it contains:

-Vitamins C & E: Contains antioxidants.
-Hydrogenated Coco Glycerides & Coconut Oil: Moisturizes.
Smashbox states that this product can be applied to help with dark circles and can be used as a concealer.  But I do not agree that it covers any dark circles. It do not give enough coverage and it is better to go with an under eye concealer.

It blends on easily. It has a creamy feel to it (not creamy like NYX Jumbo pencils but a little less).

It goes on smoothly and does the job effectively.

How I use it?

I rub the fat side on my finger tip then apply to the cheekbones or brow bone.
The other side I use to line the lower inner rims, which makes the whites of my eyes look bigger. When used along with a colored liner on the outer lower rims, my eyes look clear-eyed and bigger.

Wear Time:

It lasts 4 hours on me before fading. 


Flattering shade.
Smooth and glides on easily.
Easily Portable.
Paraben free.
Contains Vitamin C and E.
Convenient to use.
Double ended.
Multipurpose use.
Do not irritate eyes.


Short wear time.
Not water proof.

Retail Price: $22 for 0.112 oz (3.17 gm)

Will I repurchase?  Yes

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