Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Krylon Professional Translucent Powder

Hey Everyone, today I am sharing my views on Translucent powder from Krylon.

Usually I set my foundation with MAC MSF Natural or MUFE HD Powder, but I was in search for a budget setting powder. Then I came across Krylon Translucent Powder.

It is a well known product among professionals who work for the Entertainment Industry (Theatre, TV and Films). So I thought to give it a try. I got this in shade TL14.

According to website:
This classical powder preparation is characterized by its fineness and high degree of color neutrality.

Translucent powder contains a large share of modified rice starch, unique in its specification. It assures great absorption power and enhances the durability of makeup on the skin. Translucent powder is outstandingly suited for all professional applicants. The fine powder particles produce a comfortable, pleasant wearing feeling.

It is a tinted setting powder. It works really great for me during summers. Its oil absorbing power is really commendable. It is a nice setting powder to have in my kit as it makes my makeup stay for long, during those long humid days.

It comes in a grey plastic tub with a screw lid. Sifter holes are small enough to sift through the perfect amount of product, doesn't make a huge mess. The plastic tub feels cheap.


It is finely milled. It goes on smooth on my face and gives a flawless finish to the skin. 

How I use it?

I tap a small amount of product in lid and then with the kabuki brush I buff the powder onto my face for a perfect finish.

[I have opened only a few sifter holes to avoid the mess it can create. Tip: Just cut the sifter covering of a few holes and leave the rest as it is.]


- Finely Milled
- Contains rice starch
- Good absorption power
- Increases staying power of makeup
- The product is good enough and will last for a long time.


- Be careful while dispensing the powder as sometimes too much product   
  comes out and results in a lot of wastage.
- This can be a bit drying for people with dry skin.
- It’s not available online and difficult to find in most cities (Only available in 
  Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai)

Retail Price: Rs. 400 for 20gm (.07oz)

Will I repurchase: Sure (If the product ends...)

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