Friday, March 23, 2012

Color Club Snakeskin

Snakeskin is from Color Club’s Untamed Luxury Collection and is definitely a beautiful lacquer. The color of Snakeskin is beautifully complex and unique.

It appears grey to dark olive green with a very fine gold shimmer running through it. The shimmer is beautifully prominent without becoming chunky on the nail.

In indoor/artificial lighting it appears to be gunmetal grey with a hint of green and gold. It appears too similar to snakeskin. This shade can flatter a variety of complexions, with both gold and silver to bring out warm and cool tones.

                                                          (With flash)

It has a slight metallic finish.

It has a smooth, thick formula which gives coverage in two coats.

It started to wear off after 2 days of application.

Retail Price: $ 2.59

It looks elegant on my nails and that’s why I adore this polish.  
Snakeskin is a polish worth owning.

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