Monday, January 9, 2012

Maybelline The Falsies Volum' Express Mascara in Blackest Black

We all make promises, but how many of us keep them?? 

The same way Maybelline The Falsies" promises false lash glam instantly, and to give "the look of 300% more visible, fuller lashes, no gaps from any angle".

I bought this after reading a review on a blog. I'm a not a mascara crazy gal so I don’t experiment much with mascaras. But I've tried all kinds of mascara, from cheap to expensive, and I always return to L'Oreal Voluminous. Voluminous is great for adding volume to my lashes. I bought The Falsies to see if it lived up to the name.

I have long, dark eyelashes that want to stick straight out. The only way for me to make them noticeable is to use an eyelash curler. I curl them and use mascara to bring out my eyes. This mascara defines but doesn't add the crazy volume to my lashes; though my lashes stay curled all day.

The brush is a little hard to work with and the mascara itself is very wet.

I started getting clumps after a few days of using this. It gave me slightly spidery lashes that probably wouldn't be too noticeable. But I don’t prefer that look.
From the Website:

This mascara will give you more visible lashes because it fills in the gaps. Unique flexible wand helps to lift and separate lashes to provide the look of more lashes. Patented Spoon brush and Kera-fiber formula instantly build 8x more volume without clumping to complete the false lash look.

For best results, hold brush with spoon side against lashes and sweep from root to tip. Repeat until desired look is achieved. Do not let dry between coats.

How to use it:

Tilt your head back and blink slowly as you apply it, instead of looking straight at the mirror and brushing it on.

Wipe the brush with a tissue after you pull it out of the bottle. Then apply without re-dipping the brush. Then you will get just the right amount of mascara (enough to coat your eyelashes but not enough to clump).

Wiggle the brush while applying.

Never do more than two coats.

Use a lash comb afterwards just to perfect the lashes.

                                                          (without Mascara)

                                                           (after two coats of Mascara)


Packaging is adorable. It comes in a magenta tube.
The wand was nice, short and curved.

This product they almost do look like false eyelashes.
It is smudge proof.
Hold curls for a long time.
Lengthen the lashes.

It does tend to leave under eyes slightly dark even when not applied there.
It takes a longer time to dry than most mascaras.
It flakes.
No Volume
Clumps very easily (gives spidery lash look).

Retail Price:  $6.99

Will I Repurchase: Nope


  1. Thanks for the review but the effect it gives is awesome, your lashes are looking gorgeous, love it. But will not buy it as it flakes.

    1. Thank you :) yeah it does...a lot of better options are out there!

  2. Thanks so much for this review. I have been wanting to buy this mascara, but I hadn't yet. It doesn't seem like it gives much volume :/

    1. You're welcome :) volume at all.

  3. wow i hate it when mascara flakes!! i like how much length it gave you tho =]. i guess this is a nono for me then =P thanks for the review and thank you so much following me =], I followed back hehe...


    1. I like this for the lengthening effect it gives but it a big no no for me too :)

  4. Have you tried the Cat Eyes Mascara - i love that one. Great blog, just subscribed.
    If you get a chance take a quick peek at mine :


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