Friday, January 20, 2012

MAC Dollymix Blush

I love dollymix! (this sounds the same as “I love Uncle Chips”. Try it!)

This blush is perfect to look like a pink doll (not scary pink but glowing pink).

It is the prettiest blue-toned pink blush. Being the blush fanatic, I have found that the scarier a blush looks in the pan the prettier it actually is on the cheeks. 
This also looks scary in the pan but it is gorgeous on skin. Dollymix is a Sheertone Shimmer blush. The shimmer gives a light sheen to the skin it is not over-the-top. I prefer this over Pink Swoon.

How to use it?

Use a light hand while applying. Use brush like MAC 187 to layer it.


It is finely milled very with subtle shimmer.

                                                                  (without flash) 

                                                      (with flash) 


The product comes in a round container with a see through hinged lid.


Easily Blendable.
Good staying power.


Using a heavy hand can give a clown look.

Price: $19.50

Will I repurchase: For sure


  1. very nice shade...........

  2. Its very pretty winter blush, loved it, it will impart that barbie doll look

  3. gorgeous... need to swatch in store :)

  4. you're my enabler! i'll be getting this very soon! thanks for the swatch!

  5. awesome! very nice color! i'm not the shimmery blush fan, but this is a light subtle shimmer, i give it a look at the next counter
    Sayuri :)

  6. This looks like a blush I have to have haha Thx for the review xx

  7. Gorgeous shade <3 Great review!!! Would love to try this shade!!!!

  8. U have just got urself one of the best and most selling MAC blushes...Its such an amazing shade of pinky red and goes so sheer and bright...Love this color


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