Friday, January 20, 2012

First Blisscovered Box - January

It is India’s very first Blisscovered Box.

I loved the cute lilac box with lace and all. Four sample size products and one  full sized.

What it is?

It is Rs 700 monthly service where you get some sample size products (tailored to your skin type and other makeup needs). After trying these you can purchase full size products from them. 

Now on to the products:

Lancome Genefique Youth Concentrate (5 ml)  (Full size 60ml available for Rs 6500)

Diesel Loverdose Perfume The Diesel Perfume for 1.5 ml (Full size 45ml available for Rs 4200)

Forest Essentials Honey and Vanilla Bath & Shower Oil 50 ml. (Full size 200ml available for Rs 975)

Omved Mint Lip Balm (Full size)

YSL Top secrets natural action exfoliator Granule free 15ml (full size 75ml availablefor Rs 2250)

The Good:

Loved how they customized the box for me and addressed to me as “Pearl”.

It’s a cute box to keep. This can be used as a gift box or for storing various items.

There are no sachets in the box. It’s a relief.

A bonus 300 Rs discount code is given with the box. It can be used to purchase a full size product of the sample that you like.

Loved that they added a perfume sample.

They included a sample of YSL exfoliator which is a granule-free gel (for my sensitive skin) instead of a scrub.

The not so good:

There was no makeup product in the box which was a little disappointment. [Though I hope to get a few makeup products in their upcoming boxes.]

My fav Product:

Forest Essential Bath & Shower Oil 50 ml. My skin loves such pampering products.

Will I repurchase: I want to try a few more boxes.

You can order the box from

[This is not a review. I just tried to give an idea about the products from the very first box.]


  1. I regret cancelling my order in the last moment :( ordering in feb for sure


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