Saturday, December 10, 2011

Seche Plus Fortified Nail Strengthener

My nails go through different periods where they split, flake, crack or break constantly. Therefore, I always search nail treatments that doesn't wear off or peel off within a day or two of applying. I found Seche Plus Fortified Strengthener very helpful for my nails.

It is a clear nail enamel which goes on pretty thin. I use it as a base coat as it dries quickly and helps my polish to last longer.

According to Website

Seche Plus Fortified Nail Strengthener is an innovative treatment enriched with vitamins and minerals that strengthens, fortifies and hardens weak, thin, split, brittle and slow growing nails. Dries to a clear, hard and long lasting finish.

Fortified nail strengthener can be worn alone or as a base coat, applying every other day and removing once a week.


It has a strong odor which fades once it dries.


I have used it by itself and under nail polish and have found that it works very well. This Strengthener has made my nails strong and they do not chip anymore. It helps my nails to grow again without any breakage.


This should not be used continuously otherwise nails can become brittle.

It makes the nails strong and chip resistant.
The brush is pretty accurate so it is easy to apply to nails.
It helps the nails to grow fast.
It works well as a base coat.

It can have adverse effect on nails if used continuously.
It's odor is very stinky.
It turns yellow and goopy when the quantity remains half.

Retail Price 
$9.29 (for 14ml)

Will I repurchase 
For sure

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  1. Ciao Bella,

    WOW... this is a really great review!! I have never tried the Seche Vite before but have always wondered about it and was always wanting to give it a try... now I think that I will. Thanks so much for the great review!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!
    Hugs & Kisses Sprinkled with lots of love!!

  2. @Shelley Thanks. You should definitely give this a try. You too have a lovely weekend :)

  3. I have flakey nails too...I have to try this but tell me how frequently do you use it?? since the precaution says don't use it regulary

  4. @Emm You should surely try this out. You should use it 15 days continuously then give a break for 7-8 days then again use it. The same way I use use this.

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