Sunday, December 4, 2011

Revlon Brow Fantasy

Hey everyone, today I am sharing my thoughts on Revlon's Brow Fantasy.

It’s a brow enhancer. A dual ended product that comes with an eyebrow pencil and a gel. The pencil is easy to work with. It is much more precise than using a powder. The gel works pretty well, although you have to be careful not to use too much or else it will leave streaks in your brows. 

I use "Brunette” as it's not too light, not too dark, and blends in with my natural brow pretty well to give the illusion that the brows are neat and tidy. It brings out my naturally dark brows and gives a polished look. This product is perfect for achieving those strong and defined eye brows. 

I wish the gel was clear instead of tinted. It would serve its purpose of setting the brows better. I just use light strokes for both the pencil and gel so it doesn't look fake.

From the Website:
Color, shapes and sets brows for a polished well groomed look all day.
Pencil defines and fills in with soft blendable natural color tears for hours. Sheer tint gel styles shades and sets brows.

Expert Tips:
Step1: Pencil in brow with short, light strokes following the natural direction of brow hair.
Step 2: Brush gel through brows and let set.

Colors Available: Dark Blonde, Brunette, Dark brown, Black.

It's not so hard and not too soft either. The texture and consistency of the product is just right to fill in my brows. I never knew using a pencil can be this good. The gel, on the other hand, is used to add tint while setting the eyebrow. It keeps everything in place without looking too dramatic or overdone.

The greatest thing about it is how handy the packaging is: brow pencil with a cap on one end, and setting gel with a mascara-type wand on the other end.

The gel does not make the eyebrow hair crunchy/hard.
It looks natural.
Easy to carry.

Packaging is flimsy and the caps keep falling off the pencil.
The gel dries up and become less effective after a few weeks of use.
Pencil is a bit small and gets really hard to sharpen when you get toward the last two-third of it.
Gel is not waterproof.

Retail Price: $7.49

Will I repurchase: Yes (for the pencil)


  1. Wow! Looks like a great product!

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  2. hmm that sounds like a good one esp when gel is tinted. i didnt find clear brow gels a lot useful.
    thanks for following me.
    i joined u too.


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