Friday, October 7, 2011

Halloween Beauty Finds at Walmart

In this short post I wanted to share about these Nail Polishes I found in the Halloween Section of Walmart yesterday.

Sorry for the swatches on false nails but I just quickly wanted to show you the shatter/crackle effect of these "Salon Perfect Crackle Nail Lacquer".

                                            (Swatched over Milani's Black Magic w/o top coat)

First Impressions: 
- They have pretty Crackle effect on the nails.
- I cannot comment on chipping or wear of these as I have not tried them on  
  my nails.
- They don't have any specific names.
- For such a low price these are worth trying. 

Retail Price: $2 (at Walmart)


  1. Wow the shatter effect is really nice on these polishes! Thanks so much for sharing the swatches :)

  2. I have the gold and the wear is fantastic. Four days, no top coat & no chips

  3. I am not sure how to apply this polish. I put it over the top of my already painted toenails and it did not work at all. Any tips?

  4. @Rinny Welcome..

    @Gracie Yeah these work pretty good.

    @Marie yeah :)

    @Anonymous Just apply two thick coats quickly on your painted toe nails and wait for the Crackle effect. See if this works for you.


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