Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream

My cuticles can get pretty dry and ugly looking and I usually do my own nails. This is a little tin of heaven for my cuticles. It's a BALM not a cream. It applies very well and keeps cuticles healthy. This product is waxy without being greasy. I love it for general daily use and it keeps my cuticles looking and feeling really healthy.

I find it to be more of a waxy consistency it and it doesn’t soak in right away but after a few minutes it fully absorbs. I apply this to my cuticles every night and sometimes during the day. I have been doing this religiously for the past two months and my nails and cuticles are looking so much better.

A little goes a long way and this small tin will last me quite a long time.

According to the Website:

Give your needy nails a helping hand. Nourish and moisturize nails and cuticles with this intensive, natural treatment.
A touch of lemon oil makes your nails smell incredibly clean, and healthy, naturally.

Gently massage crème into cuticles after washing hands and as needed.
Featured Ingredient:

Lemon Oil (citrus medica limonum) — Obtained from the fresh peel of the fruit of the Lemon tree, this oil is known for its astringent and cleansing qualities. It is effective in treating brittle fingernails and in general hand care.


  • As a wax, it stays on longer.
  • This can also be uses as a lip balm. It doesn't taste awful and it moisturizes the lips really well.
  • This tin does last for a very long time.
The only dislike about this product is the packaging. The tin becomes sticky from the fingers after application. I wish it came in some sort of stick as it is not hygienic to poke the finger in the product itself for applying.

The packaging is cute but it takes some effort just to get the top off of it and the sides of the tin eventually get scratched off as a result. It is a little hard to get product at first but once it warms up a little bit it’s no big deal.

Fragrance: It smells like lemon tart. The scent is not over powering.

Retail Price:  $5.99 (for 0.6 oz/ 17gm)

Will I Repurchase: For sure. 


  1. i like this product as well! i love the smell. but i had the same issues as you, and i really wish it came in a stick form too. it's a little hard to open the tin.

  2. looks like a great product....thanks for review

  3. @mybeadifullife yeah, but this is a great product!

    @thenailaholic true :)

    @sahar awan Welcome :)oh ya! you should give it a try.


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