Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Special Thanks

This is a quick post about the Giveaways I won.

I was especially excited to win three giveaways from fellow beauty bloggers. Last week was pretty lucky for me as I received some packages one of which was this.

Rai From Morenabarbee had this amazing Sigma giveaway and I WON!!!! Yippeeee!. This is the first giveaway I’ve won and this makes it very special! Thanks again Rai!!

She writes an awesome blog. You can check it out here: http://www.glam-morena.com/

Another giveaway I won was from Devin atyourfingertipss.blogspot.com
I got these cute nail polishes from her.

The third Giveaway I won was from Ashley of Maryland Momma's Rambles & Reviews. Check out her blog here: http://mdmamareviews.blogspot.com
I won a pack of JOBY Nail Art in Dolphin.

How cute are those nail stickers!

Thank you Rai, Devin & Ashley. I am enjoying my goodies.


  1. Wow! Even winning one giveaway is a big deal, but THREE? Lucky!!!!! Congrats! :D

  2. @Swatch And Learn... Thank hun :)

    @sahar awan Thank :)

  3. wow congrats! lucky you.. i just bought this set for me =(


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