Tuesday, August 16, 2011

EOS Hand Lotion

I think the EOS products have the most simple and cutest packaging. It's no fuss with cute colors and not a million letters of text and logos everywhere.

I was drawn to this product because of the packaging - not necessarily because of the cute colors and quirky shape, but more because of the practicality of it.

The bottle is shaped like a compact - flat & circular - but it's abstractly-shaped, not symmetrical (if that makes sense ;)). There's a flip-top cap at one end (which can be a bit tough to open unless you put some muscle into it), and the opening is small enough to control the amount dispensed.

With my perpetually dry hands and ragged cuticles, I always need hand lotion with me, but can never find one to fit in my tiny, flat clutches. EOS has finally solved this problem.

The texture is thin and light, glides on silky smooth, and absorbs quickly and leaves a nice, hydrated, satin finish which I love (I hate having greasy hands for several minutes after applying hand cream.)

The lotion comes in 2 scents: regular and cucumber.
The regular flowery scent is extremely light and barely noticeable. 

The flip lid is secure and won't open in my purse.
Cute Packaging

The only down side about this hand lotion is that it doesn't last long. I'd say it doesn't last more than half an hour.

Retail Price: $3.79 for 1.5 oz

I would like a lotion I could buy consistently throughout the year.

Will I repurchase: No

(The bottle can be refilled, so I will refill it with a more effective hand lotion)..oh ya!! I am smart.

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  1. thanks for this review hun.. been lemming to try this product.. but i was quite hesitant-- i have a very dry skin

  2. wow I use their lip balms.. I like them.. nice blog.. following u now :)


  3. Great review! I've been curious about this lotion :) Love the packaging!

  4. wow packaging is cute!

    from your newest follower :)

  5. @Diane welcome hun :) You should definitely check this out.

    @Rekha EOS Lipbalms are really good. This is on a low side compared to them.

    @Vintage Makeup Thanks :) EOS make the cutest packaging..

    @Artist by Design thanks for following...

  6. I have been wanting to try this, I love their lipbalms :) Great review :)

    Love Christine ♥

  7. Hi, nice review. but how do you refill the bottle or how do you open the eos hand cream bottle. :)


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