Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Skin Care

Oily skin: The worst problem in summer or humid days. It makes me look greasy like a frying pan in less than an hour after leaving home.When ever I look at my face in a mirror I am like: Yo! Shiny Face…(Who needs illuminators Or dewy makeup?)

Yes I do use oil blotting sheets, oil absorbing face powders & mattifying lotions. But my skin is like…Do what ever you want; I will not change 

I thought to change my skin care routine this summer. Here is the review of the products I am using:

Amway’s ARTISTRY essentials Skin Care System – Balancing

** Sorry about the pic ( You can have an idea from the pics below)

This collection consists of a Balancing Cleanser, a Balancing Toner, and a Balancing Lotion. For my Combination-Oily skin I also purchased ARTISTRY® essentials Pore Cleansing Masque.

Cleanser: It is a gel cleanser. A dime size of it is enough to clean the face.
Toner: Alcohol is an active ingredient, so I doubt how it will react on a sensitive or acne prone skin!
Lotion: Creamy with a bit of greasy feel to it. It leaves a whitish cast on face after applying. It takes about 1-2 minutes to absorb in the skin.

Pore Cleansing Mask: Feels like clay Mask. This is the most effective of all four. Makes my skin soft, clean and oil free for few hours. (Works best for my Combination-oily skin).

All of these three has a mild fragrance to them.

Cleanser and Balancing lotion are kind of OK on my skin. But the Toner is a bit too strong. It made my skin dry and patchy.

Description on website:

ARTISTRY essentials is a skin care and makeup line that represents a simplified and uncomplicated approach to beauty. Made up of two basic skin care systems, three supplemental skin care products, and three all-inclusive makeup kits, ARTISTRY essentials products work to enhance every woman's natural beauty. It's beauty that fits your busy life.

Make it a shine-free day! In three steps, Tri-balance with natural ingredients like Indian fig and acerola cherry help equalize and control oil for skin that's balanced and hydrated. And each oil-free product boosts the performance of the next, intuitively adjusting for continuous oil control throughout the day. Safe for use on sensitive skin.

Fragrance description:

Fragrance is an oriental herbal citrus with fresh, green galbanum, orange, bergamot, and lush cypress accords that merge into transparent floral mid-notes of rose, jasmine, cardamom, and hints of clary sage. Base notes are composed of dewy musk, vanilla, vetiver, and tonka bean.

Retail Price:

Will I Repurchase: Will see (Better to purchase only the pore cleansing mask)

** Picture Courtsey: www.amway.com


  1. whoa, this was SUCH an informative post :-) thankyou!


  2. I had never heard if the brand before! Thanks so much!

  3. @nana thank you :)

    @Catanya This is a famous brand among Miss USA contestants..

  4. hi girlie~~~i just wanna say thank you for following you blog~~~~you keep up the good works too~~~


  5. Ciao Bella,

    Love your blog, it's really interesting.
    Congrats on becoming a Make up Artist... that's great, sounds like it will be lots of fun!! ;)

    I have heard of this Artistry brand many, many years ago, Amway used to have it... for those who sold Amway, sold this product too. I bought it and loved it... and yes, it does have a light scent which is very, very nice. It was really a nice product on the skin.

    I loved your post so much that I decided to follow your blog... hope thats ok!!

    Come check out my blog... follow if you like, it would mean the world to me as well. http://agelesssecrets.blogspot.com/

    Wishing you a really great day!!

    Hugs & Kisses,

  6. Wow! Those prices are very reasonable. I have extremely oily skin as well, and this sounds like something I should try next! I've been using Reneé Rouleau's line. Her products work very well with me. My skin's not only extremely oily, but also has dermatitis.

  7. @Jessy thanks :)

    @Shelley Thanks. Yeah it is a lot of fun :)
    Following your blog too :)

    Laura @ Sawan-Heaven Yeah you can try this line. It is good for balancing the oily skin.

  8. I have used and am still using the cleanser of this system. I love it! And thanks for following =3


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